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LAND ROVER: Range Rover Discovery Sport

There are compact SUVs out there that, although they look handsome outside and inside and the vehicle provides decent performance, there isn’t much room for both the driver and passengers to move around. So why should you settle for that when there are better compact SUVs out there that offers not just superb off-road skills, but also comfort for both the person behind the wheel and passengers? This, and more, is what the 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport is all about.

At a glance: Climate Comfort Package and more

Each Discovery Sport model is equipped with a climate control function, where the high-level vents ensures you and your family will feel comfortable as it allows you to control the airflow direction according to your liking. Aside from this, the 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport also features heated/cooled front and heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel, and a heated windshield. Plus, with top-of-the-line leather seats that are soft to the touch that you can customize according to your liking, as well as a sunroof and ventilated front seats, you wouldn’t have to worry that the car is either too hot or too cold; simply adjust the settings according to your preference!

With a maximum seating capacity of five, the 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport provide ample space for the middle and rear rows. If you think that the rear seats don’t have enough space, simply adjust the middle row—which has a huge leg space on its own—and the passengers seated at the back will definitely feel more comfortable. Plus, with a remote keyless entry capability, you don’t have to worry about getting in your car or opening the cargo compartment when both your hands are full. With a maximum interior cargo volume of 1,894 L (67 cu.ft.), the 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport gives you ample space for your luggage and other packages.


At a glance: Versatility and Performance at its finest

You may ask, how about the engine and its driving performance? Although the standard engine trim is 237-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, the 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport “delivers the performance, refinement and clatter-free quality you’d expect of a premium SUV”, as per Top Gear. And when it comes to rough terrains, Discovery Sport certainly outshines its competitors by a mile. With its powerful engine, the 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport can propel through rough terrains with ease.


Furthermore, the Blind Spot Monitor helps the driver to park with ease and drive through blind spots, without having to worry if you’re going to hit something as you maneuver your vehicle. The 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport also features brake assist, child safety locks, and closing vehicle sensing warning, to help you drive with ease.


For a detailed specifications of the 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport, check out Land Rover of Chattanooga’s website today.